The mining industry continues to find “greener” solutions, as an example, CAT has developed a factory LNG consumption engine to provide a cleaner reliable power system. Our off-grid services and LNG delivery will allow mining companies to have access to a cost-efficient and clean fuel supply to power their operations.

Shipping Barge on River


As the barge and the shipping industry transforms to LNG versus marine diesels COAXIS is able to supply LNG to the industry to ensure regulatory emissions compliance.

LNG powered truck

On-Highway Fleet

LNG can provide an easily accessible lower-cost energy while reducing greenhouse gases. Today CNG and LNG  fueling locations are still a hurdle to widespread adoption of this technology. Centrally dispatched or located entities are great candidates for this alternative energy. As supply infrastructure improves we will see an increasing demand for LNG powered fleets. COAXIS is able to help meet that supply where it is needed most.


  • Agricultural-Grain Dryers, Boilers, Feed Mill operations 
  • Commercial Boilers, Hospitals, Schools and Factories
  • Asphalt Production-stationary and mobile deployment systems
  • Remote Power Generation


Project #1 – Razorback LNG Site

Chicken barn site in Monroe, NE
64 Barns

Project #2 -Tusk LNG Site

Chicken barn site in Columbus, NE
36 Barns

Project #3 -Wildcat LNG Site

Chicken barn site in David City, NE
48 Barns

COAXIS provides energy to 148 barns across these three project sites that produce approximately 47,000 birds at a time, giving the capacity to house almost 7 million birds.

  1. Gallus Equity Fund
  2. Costco Chicken Barn
  3. Lincoln Premium Poultry

Cost is approximately $7-8 million per 12 barns
The project totals equal out to an $80 million investment