LNG Calculator

Please utilize our LNG calculator to estimate volume and pricing conversions for LNG in comparison to other fuel sources for your energy needs.

Unit Conversion Calculator


Pricing Conversion Calculator

Fuel Units Pricing Units BTU/(unit)
Energy Btu $/Btu 1
Energy MMBtu $/MMBtu 1,000,000
Energy dekatherm $/dekatherm 1,000,000
Natural Gas scf $/scf 1,024
LNG LNG gal $/LNG gal 82,644
LNG metric ton LNG $/t LNG 51,900,000
Diesel Diesel gal $/Diesel gal 139,000
Distillate fuel oil Distillate gal $/Distillate gal 137,405
Residual fuel oil Residual gal $/Residual gal 149,690
Propane Propane gal $/Propane gal 91,000

*These calculations adhere to industry-standard BTU conversions. Please be aware that these estimations are for estimate purposes only.

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