Off-Grid Services

Empowering Off-Grid Communities & Industrial Facilities with Reliable LNG Solutions

COAXIS Energy understands the unique challenges faced by off-grid communities, industrial facilities, and commercial developments without access to a natural gas pipeline. We offer LNG as a versatile and sustainable alternative energy source.

Our LNG services lay the foundation for energy independence, providing access to alternative energy sources beyond traditional propane or fuel oil. LNG reduces environmental impact and offers a reliable energy source that supports growth and development with consistent pricing.

Base-Load Energy Solution

LNG serves as a base-load energy solution where pipeline gas isn't available or financially feasible. Our LNG transport service ensures a consistent and efficient energy supply. We create virtual pipelines to maintain a continuous LNG supply for off-grid locations, enabling you to meet your energy demands without compromise.

off-frid services for lng

Embrace the Future of Energy

Contact us today to explore how COAXIS Energy's LNG solutions can support your off-grid operations with clean, reliable, and sustainable energy.