Bridge to Pipe

COAXIS Energy acknowledges businesses and facilities' energy challenges in remote or underserved locations. Our Bridge to Pipe End-User Supply service demonstrates our commitment to providing effective and sustainable energy solutions in areas without direct access to natural gas pipelines.

What We Offer:

Our Bridge to Pipe End-User Supply service utilizes Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a reliable, semi-permanent energy source for locations in need. Whether you operate an industrial or commercial facility in a rural setting or a location awaiting natural gas infrastructure, COAXIS Energy acts as your bridge to dependable energy.

Key Advantages

Semi-Permanent Solution: COAXIS Energy offers an LNG-based semi-permanent solution, ensuring your energy requirements are met until direct access to natural gas pipelines becomes available.

Quick Implementation: We understand the urgency of energy needs and promptly implement our LNG solution, delivering energy to your facility without the extended timeline of pipeline construction.

Economic Efficiency: Our service provides a cost-effective alternative to immediate pipeline development, allowing your facility to benefit from cleaner energy sources sooner. service offers a cost-effective alternative to immediate pipeline development. This means your facility can start benefiting from a cleaner energy source sooner.

Sustainability: LNG, even as a semi-permanent solution, remains a cleaner-burning fuel compared to many traditional options, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Operational Expertise: COAXIS Energy has the industry expertise to ensure efficient, compliant, and secure delivery of energy solutions to your location.

LNG semi-permanent site

Why Choose COAXIS?

Enhance your energy reliability and sustainability with COAXIS Energy's Bridge to Pipe End-User Supply service. You align with a partner dedicated to your long-term success by opting for LNG as your semi-permanent energy solution.

Contact us today to explore how our Bridge to Pipe End-User Supply service can empower your operations, ensuring energy stability for years to come.