Energy Storage Solutions

Designing Energy Storage Solutions for Control and Cost Management

At COAXIS Energy, we understand the modern energy landscape demands flexibility, resilience, and cost management. Our Energy Storage Solutions empower you to take control of your energy needs while optimizing costs. Our expertise ensures cost-effective energy security, whether it's redundant backup power or strategic fuel storage to navigate price volatility.

Tailored Storage for Price Control

Price volatility in the energy market can pose business challenges. COAXIS Energy offers a unique solution – storing fuel during periods of lower market prices and utilizing it during significant price spikes. Our Energy Storage Solutions provide a known quantity at a known price, minimizing the impact of market fluctuations on your operations.

On-Site Storage Flexibility

We understand that every business's energy needs are unique. COAXIS Energy provides flexible options for on-site storage, designed and built to meet your site's needs based on your requirements and usage frequency.

Small to Large Scale On-Site Liquefaction

For businesses seeking self-sufficiency, our small to large-scale on-site liquefaction strategies offer a reliable way to produce LNG directly at your location, providing greater control over your energy supply while avoiding transportation costs.

Efficient LNG Transport Loads

COAXIS Energy's Energy Storage Solutions include utilizing LNG transport loads to fill on-site storage facilities, ensuring safe and efficient LNG delivery throughout the year.

Advantages of COAXIS Energy's Energy Storage Solutions

Cost Control: Storing LNG during periods of stable market pricing shields your operations from natural gas pricing during extreme events, enabling more effective energy cost management.

Energy Security: An on-site LNG storage facility ensures a reliable energy source during emergencies or supply disruptions.

Environmental Responsibility: LNG is a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels, contributing to your sustainability goals while providing energy security.

Customization: Our solutions are tailored to your energy demands, ensuring the right amount of stored energy when needed most.


Partnering for Energy Resilience

COAXIS Energy is dedicated to building solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic energy landscape. Our Energy Storage Solutions combine innovative technology, expertise, and a commitment to sustainability to create a future-proof energy strategy.

Take Charge of Your Energy Future

Embrace a more resilient and cost-effective energy future with COAXIS Energy's Energy Storage Solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can design and build the energy storage solution tailored to your unique needs.